Thursday, May 19, 2022

Collapse is Never Good

I've been reading a lot lately about how the US Empire needs to break apart.  That this is the only to fix the broken nation.  That there is no hope, no redemption, and that the only real solution is the end of the Empire.

Empires do end and the United States very well may come to an end soon.  At a minimum, the power that the United States has over the rest of the world is waning and this certainly is a good thing since lately the US only seems interested in exporting Sodomy and abortion in exchange for gasoline and cheap plastic junk.

But the collapse of the empire does not mean that the people will get better, that things will get better.  In fact, things will get worse for everyone.  And no one will turn to God.

What do I mean by this?  If you read the Bible, it is very clear about what happens when an Empire is divided up and then conquered.  The history of ancient Israel is fairly clear on what happens.  I'll give you all the cliff notes here since the subject is covered across several books of the Bible in the Old Testament.

Israel's divide starts mainly because King David committed adultery with his foreign mercenary's wife, Uriah, and then had him murdered.  Because of this great sin, his own son rebelled against him.  When the rebellion has been quelled, the tribe of Judah, David's tribe, argued with the other tribes of Israel resulting in another brief rebellion from Ephraim.

While King David was able to stop this rebellion and reunite the kingdom, the seeds of division were sown.  When David's son Solomon took the throne, he made the people of the other tribes work to build a prosperous nation.  But Solomon became arrogant and set up idols for the sake of his many wives and so God gave ten tribes over to Jeroboam, who lived in exile during the rest of Solomon's reign.

After Solomon, his own son screwed up so bad that Jeroboam was able to wrest those 10 tribes from his control, thus splitting Israel into two kingdoms.  One was the kingdom of Israel and the other was the kingdom of Judah.

And you would think that at this point, both kings would get better.  The Empire was broken and now they were nations.  But both kingdoms did great evils in the sight of God.  Israel never had a good king, except maybe the last one but i was already too late.  Eventually, they were all captured and subjugated and dispersed among a greater empire.

Judah was a rollarcoaster of good and bad kings.  Some were good, others were bad, and some were downright evil.  In the end, they too were captured and subjected to slavery.

And you would think that at this point the remaining Israelites would humble themselves.  They did not.  The remnant that remained in Judah eventually fled to Egypt.  But they still continued to practice their idolatrous ways.  As far as I can tell, no remnant returned to Israel from Egypt.

The whole point of this is that the break-up of the US will not be a good thing for any of us.  Sure you can prepare for it as best you can, and you should, but make no mistake, people won't get better when it does happen.  In fact, things will get far, far worse for everyone.

So please, don't tell me that people will turn back to God in their despair and poverty.  The book of Revelation makes it abundantly clear that people will just curse God even more.

Maybe God has cursed this country to doom.  And I would not blame Him in the slightest for such judgments.  But, like Moses and Aaron in the wilderness, I will continue to pray that He withholds His wrath from us.

And who knows?  Maybe He will hear my prayers and accept them.