Monday, April 3, 2017

The Welfare of a Nation

All welfare is corporate welfare, in some way or another.  Case in point:

Over a six-year period, Ivy League schools have received tens of billions in tax dollars, bringing in more money from taxpayers than from undergraduate student tuition. In fact, they received more federal cash than 16 state governments. 

The stunning numbers are all part of a new report, first seen by Fox News, released Wednesday by Open the Books -- a non-profit group whose stated mission is to capture and post online all disclosed spending at every level of government.

There’s a dirty secret about Ivy League schools most people don’t realize: the education you receive there isn’t that much better than what you get any most other decent colleges.

For the most part, when you attend an Ivy League school, you are merely building friendships and connections with people who will be the real future leaders of the world.  From most politicians to most significant business leaders, many of them have attended the Ivy League.

So finding out that they’ve received way more money than most US states from the Federal government comes as no surprise to me.  Those colleges are all about educating the elite and keeping them in a bubble designed to keep them away from the rest of us.  Can’t have our folksy values damaging their fragile minds, can we?

While normally I really wouldn’t care, especially if the elites have been doing a good job governing, it is clear that this program is just more waste.  The elites only care for themselves, despite claiming the contrary opinion, and only care about humanity in the abstract sense.  For them, humanity is nothing more than farm animals to be guided by their 120 IQs.

The problem with this kind of spending is that eventually, they are going to have to decide between subsidizing all these programs and maintaining roads.  Funding for road maintenance has often been pillaged by politicians to fund their own pet projects but with the recent bridge collapse in Atlanta, we may see a turn around.

Sure, we feed the poor people to obesity, but God forbid I drive down a road without potholes.

Something is going to give.  And sooner or later, even the normal citizens will begin to push back against the r-selected assholes living on their dole.

Which may or may not involve concentration camps.