Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Insanity of Healthcare

So last week, Paul Ryan’s health care bill to make things more complicated went in Congress because the conservative base continues to correctly deduce the collective intelligence of the dumb masses.  All his bill would have done was keep Obamacare in place but put the Republican stamp of approval on it.

This is because the elites in Washington are always engaged in a high stakes pissing match where any major issue divides Democrats and Republicans largely because one side wants to be the first to get out ahead of it.  Case in point, the Iraq War where Democrats opposed it until Obama took office.  Then they tried to extend it and make it look like Obama’s victory.

Right now, I pay 230 dollars a week for health insurance.  It’s a high-deductible plan where the maximum out of pocket limit is 13,000 dollars.  I’m also limited in my ability to save into an HSA account.  I can only save 6,700 dollars a year.

So if I ended up in a catastrophic medical situation, my annual HSA savings won’t cover more than half of it.  And if I don’t have any kind of problem like that, I’m paying the equivalent of a month’s rent to an insurance company for the privilege of not get fined by the IRS.  Of course, people who are on Medicaid don’t get fined at all.

What is the point of paying a premium that is close to my deductible every year for a plan I’ll never use unless I suffer serious brain damage?

By the way, my premium is so high because right now, my employer isn’t covering any of it.  More than likely, you are paying as much as I am, if not more when you factor in what the employer covers.

And no, I won’t go on Medicaid because I make too much money and because I’m white.  Medicaid is pretty for people who are too stupid to buy their own health insurance, usually minorities who collectively have lower IQs than whites, yet eligible to vote.

The bill last week would not have resolved any of this.  It would have kept premiums high and ensured a Democrat victory in 2018 because Republicans are too stupid to maintain victory.

President Trump should take note of this and listen more to the conservative base.  Most of them are honest people, for the most part, and won’t stab him in the back the first chance they get, unlike Paul Ryan and other assorted Republican shitbag leaders.

For now, I’m glad the bill failed.  And maybe President Trump could re-evaluate the whole health care situation in the United States and maybe provide better, free market options.