Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Coming Wrath

The United States government opposes Christianity.

It is perplexing, I know, in a country where 70-85% of its citizens claim to be Christian in some form or another, depending on what poll you look at.

But this scenario becomes more obvious when you consider that a man cannot serve two masters, as Jesus Himself once opined.  And the people who work for the State have been programmed to serve the State, even when the interests of the State run counter to God’s Will.

Right now, our government is seeking to overthrow Syrian leader Assad.  What comes next will be tragic for the hundreds of thousands Christians living at peace in that country.  They will see their women raped, their children murdered, and their men executed, much to the glee of the psychopaths that make up the rebels.

But the incidents of anti-Christian policies doesn’t stop there.  For too long, we have seen Christians marginalized, maligned, and held in contempt for standing for Jesus.  When men go to preach the Good News in gay “communities”, they are arrested.

When bakers refuse to bake gay wedding dildo cakes, they are called homophobic and their businesses are shut down.

The list goes on.  Christianity is treated as a grave sin in this country.

Don’t believe me?  If you are a Christian, try talking about it in casual conversation.  Don’t force it, but fall into it organically.  Then observe the reactions you get from people.  I’ll bet they’ll range from scoffs to people asking that you keep such things private.

I’m sure the reasons for this are many.  For the common man, Christianity is an allergy to them because they don’t want to admit they are sinners, evil, and in need of redemption.  Despite all the evidence to the contrary, they just can’t believe that they a bad person.

For the elite, it is a question of power.  In many cases, they seek to rewrite reality itself to support their vision of an ideal world.  That is why occultism is prominent among those in power.  It offers them a chance to rewrite reality itself.  You only have to sacrifice or rape children to get there.  And it takes many.

I wish I could separate myself from all of this, but I cannot.  There is a such thing as collective guilt and the United States has it in spades.  We voted for this for decades.  We became afraid to stand for Truth and in doing so became complacent in our own judgment against us.

I fear for my children.  I’ve made my peace with God and death, while still a thing I fear instinctually, is not a huge problem for me.  But my children may grow up in a society that seeks their death or imprisonment.  And all because they are white or Christian or straight or male.

And I want to fight against this, but my fellow Christians are so cucked, so complacent, that most days I wonder if it is better that I just accept the judgment coming and let God’s Wrath pour out on this contemptible nation.