Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dealing With Immigrate Lovers

There has been a lot of proposals for dealing with mass immigration in the United States.  I thought I’d throw my ideas out there because I’m the mostest importantest person ever homie:

  • End all Federal funding of Sanctuary cities.
  • Have U.S. Marshals arrest any government official who defies Federal immigration policies and charge them with treason.
  • Build a wall on the Mexican border that makes the Great Wall look like a cheap knockoff.
  • Build another one around Canada, just to be safe.
  • End the 501c status of all denominations who have churches which declare themselves sanctuary churches for immigrants.  Yes, not the churches, but their entire denomination.
  • Deport all citizens who are children of immigrants if they express any anti-US sentiment.  Basically, if they express any Left-wing, communist viewpoint like “Black Lives Matter”, are wearing a Che T-shirt, etc.  Deport their parents while we are at it.
  • Declare that the DNC is a criminal organization and charge them with racketeering.  They have already been caught giving out voter registration forms to migrants, which is illegal.
  • Shut down Federal funding to all colleges which express sympathy for migrants, even if it is professors.  Deny all student loan applications to those colleges as well.
  • Redistrict all Congressional districts to fit a more sensible pattern so that immigration pimps aren’t voted into office.

These are just few ideas I have.  Most of them are geared towards demonstrating that the Left-wing is only principled insofar as they are funded.  Once that funding dries up, they lose their principles real quick.