Thursday, March 9, 2017

Deep State Being Dug Up

So WikiLeaks has released huge amounts of data regarding the CIA.  The highlights of it suggest something many of us with an IQ above 105 have known for some time: that they have the ability to spy on you through just about every network-connected device.

That includes smart phones, cable boxes, smart TVs, and maybe even your appliances if they synch up with some kind of electronic network.

Coincidentally (or not), this data dump came out following President Trump accusing former President Obama of spying on him during the presidential election.  Frankly, I would be surprised if that communist wasn’t using his office to further the Party.

As for us common folk, I wouldn’t get too worried.  Unless you run afoul of some asshole with a security clearance and access to the hackers, you should be okay.  The simple fact is, there isn’t enough people to monitor the entirety of online interactions and communications.

But if the Deep State takes interest in you, expect every electronic device to be hacked, bugged, and otherwise compromised.  But also expect to be followed and surveilled by field agents on a regular basis as well.  After all, while we post a lot of information online, there is much more information that can be obtained through in person observation.

So if you’re being spied upon, it won’t just be your cell phone, smart TV, and blender.  You’ll see the same stranger in your neighborhood and the same car following you.  If it becomes more frequent, you might want to see if you can get yourself some form of protection because they could close in to murder you.

And they’ll make it look like natural causes or some kind of accident.

I don’t know what the objectives of the Deep State are, but I doubt they are aligned with benefitting the American people or any other people besides their own.  And unless they are working to suppress some kind of Lovecraftian cosmic being from destroying the world, I don’t think they are doing any good either.

I believe that WikiLeaks has a lot more dirt on the CIA, maybe even proof that they have been smuggling illegal drugs into the country.  And it looks like they have released more claiming that ISIS was created by the CIA, another non-surprise now backed with actual proof.

I hope that WikiLeaks keeps on doing what they are doing.  I hope they release all the data and expose the Satanist Deep State for what they really are.

Because the only way we are going to drain the swamp is by purging these yahoos from government work.