Thursday, February 23, 2017

Milo Was a Target of the Soros Defamation Machine

So the mass-media campaign against Milo has largely been successful, for now.  This is largely not without merit as Milo’s own statements, while not straight up supporting pedophilia, did more or less talk about young teenage sex as a potentially positive thing.

Of course, this was him basing it all on feels rather than actual morality.  Sin always feels good.  It’s a great feeling to sin.  But it is fleeting and leads to death and destruction.  Milo himself admitted that he never saw himself as a victim of sexual abuse, he did engage in self-destructive behaviors indicative of sexual abuse.

Besides the semantics of what he said, which has been done to death, very people are acknowledging what really happened here.

Milo was targeted by the Soros Defamation Machine.  He was targeted because he was the popular writer at Breitbart, which has direct ties to President Trump through one of his top advisors Michael Bannon.

This is why when he spoke at UC Berkeley, a bunch of jack-booted blackshirts showed up to commit blatant acts of terrorism.  And this is why the narrative in the mainstream press became about how Milo supported pedophilia.

Nevermind that Salon, the news organization behind the initial hit piece, had previously published two articles promoting sex with children.  These articles mysteriously disappeared following the hit piece’s publication of course.

I hope this experience is a turning for Milo’s personal life.  I hope he realizes that he was taken advantage of by older, wicked men who exploited a confused young boy.  I hope he realizes that the teachings of Jesus are incompatible with his sexual lifestyle.  And I hope that the Grace of God shines on him and heals his very deep spiritual wounds.

But make no mistake, this man was targeted by the globalist machine.