Friday, December 30, 2016

Lazy News

The problem with modern news is that it isn’t news.  It is simply well-paid bloggers who do little to no actual research beyond simple Google searches and maybe the occasional phone call.  In truth, many journalists don’t even bother to travel to the places they are reporting on.

Case in point, consider the Reuters article I cited a couple of days ago.  At no point in the article are quotes from the actual players involved, save a minor statement from Richard Spencer’s father and a statement from Richard Spencer which comes as third-hand knowledge.

Instead, we see that these journalists do Google searches, make a few phone calls, and subscribe to mailings from politicians.  All of this information can be obtained yourself with little to no time involved.

I remember watching “The Night Stalker” for the first.  I was impressed with Carl Kolchak’s gumption in going after the story.  He begins skeptical that the serial killer the police are chasing is nothing more than a man, but eventually comes to realize that he is a vampire.

A fictional character is more willing to do the legwork and investigation than your average, real-life journalist.  That says a lot about the state of modern journalists.

In truth, they are nothing more than overpaid bloggers doing the bare minimum.