Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Too Much Sodomy On TV

So I’ve been thoroughly disgusted with CW’s superhero shows as of late.  The big one that has turned me off the most has been “Supergirl”, which seems to focus more on Left-wing talking points and lesbian relationships than actual story telling.

“Legends of Tomorrow” comes in a close second.  So far, every character shown to have a stable relationship in that show ends up being gay, because depicting the truth about gay people is wrong.

I will give “Arrow” credit though in that Mr. Terrific is depicted as a gay man who constantly likes to remind people of this fact, even people he just met.  It’s like he’s wired wrong and wants to brag about how he sucks dick and takes it up the ass to complete strangers.

So far, “The Flash” hasn’t emphasized sodomite characters except in passing and focuses instead on telling a story.

And that is all that I ask for.  I don’t want your ideology in my story, especially directly.  Tell the story and if it’s good, I can enjoy it.  Better yet, showing regular people engaged in regular relations is another plus.  Like having a married couple depicted as having a stable relationship.

I’m sorry, but it seems to me that most entertainment these days cannot depict stable straight relationships except in comedies and even then it’s pretty rare.

Last season of “Supernatural” made me not want to watch this year’s, largely because God was depicted as bisexual.  As if God would even defile Himself with a woman, much less a man.  The sad part is, they could have excluded the lines about God dating anyone from that scene and the entire story would have been maintained.

Fortunately, “Luke Cage” didn’t feature any of that nonsense, unlike “Jessica Jones”, which featured an unnecessary abortion subplot.

It seems that many fantasy stories strive to make unnatural relationships front and center, along with the cultural Left-wing worldview.

But Donald Trump won.  This indicates that cultural Marxism is on the decline and if any of these shows want to maintain their ratings, then they need to stop preaching to people.

In the meantime, I’m going to simply switch many of them off.  It’s a shame that these shows are doing this because I do enjoy superhero tales of all types, from gritty to light-hearted.

It’s also a shame that I live in a culture where sodomy is considered sacred and that people go out of their way to demonstrate how much they support men who suck dick.

Idolatry is a sin people.