Monday, September 26, 2016

Contrasting Atheists

Man is not a naturally rational being but a rationalizing one, to paraphrase the character of Lazarus Long.  Despite being the fictional contemplations of a fictional character, it is a true observation.

Rational thought is often a product of irrational beliefs among intelligent men.  And there is no group more adept at avoiding this fundamental principle than atheists and other assorted skeptics.

It never ceases to amaze me the logical gymnastics atheists do in order to justify their non-belief in God.  Or the supernatural.  Or their worship of science.  Or their need for evidence.

However, there are plenty of atheists who are willing to recognize this fundamental truth and seek out the truth, regardless of where it takes them.  In contrast, there are atheists who would deny reality itself if reality showed them the dead rising up to meet Jesus Himself.

The latter group I would describe as “entertainers” while the former I would describe as “philosophers”.

The entertainers tend to push for their worldview of atheism to their detriment.  They push for the elimination of God from cultural discourse.

And they have largely succeeded for the most part.  Discussing the Gospel with others is now taboo and considered, among other things, homophobic.

The philosophers, on the other hand, tend to favor actual logic and evidence.  Unfortunately, they forget that man is not a naturally rational animal and so they tend to have little impact on culture.  This is because many people are simply too low-IQ to really understand the implications of what they are talking about.

Most people like to cling to their irrational beliefs, which is not necessarily a bad thing, even if you are able to articulate clearly why said beliefs are utter bullshit.

I’ve heard, for example, that Muhammad’s original holy city was not Mecca, but Petra.  Unfortunately, I doubt any Muslim gives a damn about this assertion.  And they’d probably kill you if you brought it up in one of their own countries.

It is an interesting contrast though, to see how we have two very different types of atheist groups, one which seems to adhere to fantasies like communism and genetic equality while others use their reason and the evidence before to come to practical conclusions.

Of course, both of them fall into the irrational beliefs trap, it’s just that the entertainers do so more than the philosophers and end up looking like bigger fools instead of rational actors.