Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Is Equality a Virtue?

Ever since Thomas Jefferson famously wrote “all men are created equal”, this country has been obsessed with equality as a kind of forgotten virtue.  Never mind the context with which Jefferson wrote or what he truly meant, which I imagine is much, much different from the modern notions, but people have somehow taken hold of it and started applying it in absurd ways.

It’s like the Kurt Vonnegut story coming to life before our very eyes.

But is equality really a virtue?  Is it something that we should strive for as a society or is equality merely just an abstract concept that ultimately has no meaning in a modern context?

I believe that the quest for equality is more a vice than a virtue.  It is another one of those good intentions that always leave the rest of us worse off than in the beginning.

When I was growing up in school, I vividly remember my teacher telling us that we were all equal.  She had us repeat the mantra quite a few times actually.  It seemed like a good thing, that all my classmates and I were basically the same.

Looking back though, I wonder if I could have questioned it.  Naturally, I was still in the early on in my intellectual development and lacked the ability to properly question the teacher.  Very children are intelligent enough to do so even in high school.

But the question remains: were we all equal?  Was I equal to the troublemaker kid and therefore deserved the same punishment has him?  Could I take the place of the teacher and instruct the class on the lessons of the day?   Could I receive the same grades as the smart kid because, after all, we were both equals?

In truth, we were not all equal by any valid metric.  Grades, conduct, physical prowess, and many other metrics demonstrated just how different we were.

Somehow, equality has be foisted upon us as a necessary virtue, forgetting the real virtues of Charity, Faith, Hope, Justice, Prudence, Fortitude, and Courage.  Really, our modern society has abandoned those virtues, the ones that formed Christendom, and replaced them with other, more abstract, and less easily definable ones.  Equality happens to be one of them.

If you ever want to question the morality of equality and consider that maybe it is immoral, consider desegregation.  Back when segregation was the law of the land, blacks more or less behaved themselves.  Yes, whites were not “nice” to them, but injustice was occasional really and the black communities did a good job of keeping their members from doing stupid or criminal things.

These days, the black community is a place you avoid, even if you are black yourself.  The murder rates amongst blacks is much higher than all other races, drugs are rampant, single families are the norm, and their churches focus on hating whitey rather than convicting the congregates to do better (white churches aren’t much better, but that’s besides the point).

Maybe these things are overblown by the media, but it seems to me that many of the predominantly black neighborhoods were much better off when they were under oppression.  At least they were fighting for something.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was a very articulate speaker and a well-versed wordsmith.  Could any modern black leader say the same?  I can barely understand them half the time and I have a toddler with a speech delay.

I could go on and on about this topic, but it’s nothing you can’t search the Internet for yourself.  My main point is that once we declared blacks to be equals, they took that inch and went an extra mile to vote to oppress white people.  The welfare state has greatly expanded since the Civil Rights Act, although I’d say that is one of the factors.

The truth about Equality is that it is an immoral vice.  No one individual is the same as another.  People are not interchangeable cogs in society’s clockwork.  We all have different things to contribute and the ability to choose whether or not to contribute a certain way.

But this reality is harmful to the dominant communist thinking which strives to invert reality as best it can.  In the minds of the communist, a person can be any sex, any race, and have any sexual preference.  We can do anything as we are born blank slates.

This could not be further from the truth.  In reality, people have genetic factors which determine the limits of their abilities.  While I don’t believe that genetics is destiny, it is important to know that genetics does limit your life ambitions and you should adjust accordingly.

Finally, the main reason I oppose equality as a virtue is because the primary pushers of equality tend to be communist operatives seeking to oppress me and my family.  And pretty all ideas which Leftists push should be opposed merely on the principle that they are a wicked lot with no love in their hearts.