Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Soulless Communists Get Crazier

So a gay Muslim walks into a bar, murders about 50 of them, and then is killed in a confrontation with the police, who arrived three hours later I might add.  The gay bar was celebrating “La Raza”, by the way, so not only are these degenerates celebrating their ability to suck dick, but also celebrating open racism against whites.

You can imagine that I have very little sympathy for degenerate hedonists and hostile barbarians.  I wonder if this is a sign of God’s judgment on our increasingly degenerate society?  Seriously, what if it was?

The communists have all gone completely and utterly nuts though in the wake of this incident.  We have calls for gun control, which is typical, and no calls for border control or Islam control, which is to be expected.

But then we have commies who are saying this shooting is the fault of Christian, white, straight men.  Or that all religions are equally oppressive against gays.

A brief and cursory glance at the history of Christianity yields very little in the way of massive witch-hunts for homosexuals, unless you count actual witches among them.  Hell, the prime examples I can think of are the Marque de Sade and Oscar Wilde and neither man brought the death penalty on himself for their sodomite behavior.

In more modern times, the worse you can say that a Christian group has done to gays is hold up a sign that “God Hates Fags”, which might have been an anti-smoking rally, I don’t know.

But Muslims have gone out of their way to target homosexuals with death.  From throwing them off of buildings to shooting them with bullets, Muslims seem to get off on killing gay men.

But what about Uganda?  Didn’t Christian Uganda pass a law making sodomy punishable by death?

No, they didn’t.  They pass a law that made acts of sodomy punishable by death IF the victim was a child or disabled person and only if the victim contracted AIDS as a result.

Didn’t Russia pass anti-gay legislation?  Yes.  They passed a law that outlaws gay pride parades and teaching sodomy to children in public schools.

In both cases, neither secular nor Christian governments made being a giant cocksucker punishable by death.

Meanwhile, a two-year-old boy was mauled to death by an alligator while his family was vacating at a Disney resort.  Yes, the family of the boy did something stupid in that there was no swimming signs and it was late in the day.

But the commies took to the Internet to brag about how much they didn’t care because the boy was white.

Yes, that’s right.  Communists hate white children and want to see them all dead.

I’m not a man of violence.  I abhor it, especially as I get older.  But every day I read about this kind of insanity and I fear for my life as a Christian, white, straight man and the lives of my family.

The communist death squads are coming soon.  Be prepared is all I can say.