Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Nature of Degenerates

The latest mass murder in Orlando can best be described as a case where a barbarian (or barbarians) decided to impose barbaric law on a bunch of degenerates.  This is the typical outcome when barbarians invade any land in that they first go for easy targets where civilians are concerned.

I am not saying that all gays are degenerates, though many are.  In fact, the vast majority of LGBT people are a subset of degenerates.  They are, however, usually only around 3% of the population and hardly representative of the majority of degenerates in a society.

The degenerate class is made up of people whose ideals specifically call for the destruction of civilization as a whole.  In order to understand that, we have to understand what keeps a civilization going.

Firstly, civilizations require a solid culture as a foundation. Rome for the longest time made it difficult for foreigners to obtain citizenship, had a solid foundational moral code, and a solid idea of what makes a Roman.  Note that culture includes a common religion, a common race, and a common idea of what government should do.

Secondly, civilization needs children.  Children are key because they are the next generation.  And the children who are being born need to be children of the primary race who built the civilization in the first place, otherwise the societal IQ suffers for the worse.

Thirdly, people living in a civilization need to have low time preference.  This means that they plan ahead, stave off most pleasures of the moment in order to ensure that they are not destitute in old age or leave their children in financial ruin because of their bad decisions.

These are the common traits that most people need to have and agree upon in order to maintain a civilization.  There are probably more, but these three things are probably the primary traits of any successful civilization.

So what do degenerates do?

For one thing, they do not particularly like or encourage children, either outright or indirectly.  For example, telling women to pursue a career, go to college, and have children when they are nearly too old to do so is a mainstream ideal.  Tell a woman she should not go to college, have a career, and marry early so that she can have children while she is in her prime sexual health is considered sexist by many people, especially the entertainment culture we live in.

Obviously, sexually deviant practices and encouraging of said actions is also degenerate and anyone who does so should be considered a degenerate.

The welfare state promotes high time preference along with our materialist culture encouraged by corporate marketing.

Finally, the cultural Marxists and the Feminists (the primary subgroup of the former) are out to utterly destroy the idea of being an American.  The pro-immigrant factions of both parties are doing so as well by pushing for another, inferior culture or cultures.  And if these folks spent any time in any of these foreign nations outside of the resort bubbles they are used to staying in, they might see why American culture is far superior.

Degenerates are people who actively work against the interests of civilizations they reside in, even if they don’t consciously know it.  They usually exist in civilized societies in low numbers but when they gain a significant minority (like greater than 20% or so) or take power in key institutions (like entertainment, journalism, or government agencies), they tend cause civilization to decline.

The trouble is, the civilized usually fail to recognize the problem until the decline is in full swing.  Now, there may be leaders who are able to stave off the decline but once it begins, it tends to snowball.

But this is why the barbarians last much longer than the civilized: they have a zero-tolerance policy towards degenerates.