Thursday, June 9, 2016

Some Truths About Feminism

Here are some of the unvarnished truths about feminism and feminists:

  • The modern feminist movement was created in order to encourage corporate materialism and promote cultural Marxism.
  • The accomplishments of feminists largely have to do with what important man they’re sleeping with.
  • The greatest accomplishment of feminism is getting women full access to medical services where legal baby murder is committed.
  • Feminism’s chief goal is not about granting more rights for women nor is it about making women happier, but making other women miserable and taking as much as they can from men.
  • Feminism hates the institution of marriage because it was a sacred rite before God.
  • Feminists are driven by reason or logic but by emotions.
  • Feminists are generally not all that attractive because attractive women are always at the top of the social structure.
  • Feminism is the politicization of envy.
  • Feminism was never about equality, but revenge.
  • Feminism denies the realities of biological science.
  • Feminism is anti-child and thus anti-civilization.
  • Feminism promotes the sexualization of children, especially young girls.
  • Feminism is supported by the mentally ill or sexually abused.
  • Feminism will not get a man laid.
  • Feminists do not make for good wife material, church-goers, life partners, or customers.
  • Feminists want access to all “male institutions” not because of equality but because of envy.
  • When a feminist calls a man a “rapist”, what they mean is that either he is openly opposed to their agenda or he is not sexually desirable to them.
  • Feminists encourage other women to ride the cock carousel because they are dead inside.
  • Feminists cannot article why the patriarchy was bad for women, other than vague accusations of abuse and rape.
  • Feminists worship their own victimization at the hands of a predator.
  • Feminists overlook the crimes of their fellow Narrative adherents because the Narrative is the most important thing.
  • Feminists dare not call any non-white person a rapist because they view them as barbarians and are afraid of getting an axe to the face.
  • Feminists don’t need a man except for alimony, child support, protections, dirty jobs, tax dollars, children, etc.

There are more, I’m sure of that.