Thursday, February 11, 2016


I have never written that I was a pick-up artist.  Or an Alpha man.  I do have respect for Alphas and a passing curiosity with PUAs but that’s about the extent of it.

I was a loser in college.  Not whining, just a fact.  It probably is because I had too many stupid ideas about what women were like and I never really learned how to talk to women.  Also I hung out with people who I probably should have abandoned at first glance.

Can I transition to Alpha?  Yes.  And I can also hunt the unicorn and capture it.

In any case, I use to fret more over my socio-sexual status. It was a Gamma thing to do really.  Honestly, I just should have not cared so much like I do right now.

There are some simple things that all men can do to come out on top as I’ve learned from studying “manosphere” blogs:

  • Posture and apparel is important.  Don’t stare at the ground but keep your chin up and look people in the eyes.  This is hardest for people who are borderline autistic.  And dress reasonably.  Don’t dress like a hobo or dirty Frenchman.
  • Smile.  Try not to be creepy but if you’re sufficiently attractive, this won’t matter too much.  Attraction for women is more subjective than it is for men.
  • Maintain frame.  This could be as simple as not letting your wife give you shit for not taking out the trash to fighting a harassment charge at work.  Either way, don’t be a sniveling little bitch about it.
  • Never hit a woman.  But violence in response to violence received is probably merited.  Just understand you will probably go to jail.
  • Never complain, never explain.  Airing your grievances to women is a turn off.  And if they are opposed to an opinion you have, let it be.  No need to explain yourself to others unless they seem genuinely curious.
  • Exercise regularly but do it for yourself.  You’ll feel better.  Eventually you may even look awesome.
  • Grow a beard.  This is optional, but highly recommended since it is one of the few things a woman can’t take from you.
  • Learn to appeal to emotion rather than logic when it comes to women.  It’s tough, especially for borderline aspies, but it can be learned through interaction with actual women.
  • Be honest.  When she asks if she’s fat, be honest.  When she demands to know where you were, tell her honestly, even if you were cheating on her.  Tell her how you really feel when she asks the question.  The good thing about this is that you’ll find that women tend to ask less annoying questions when they know that you’ll tell the truth.  And they will respect you for it.

All of these apply to every woman you encounter in your life.  Yes, this is an 80/20 rule when it comes to generalities, but at the same time, those 20% will still acknowledge you.

This stuff isn’t that hard either.  The main thing that hampers most men is fear of being judged by women.  Don’t fear such things.  Don’t fear what others think of you (I clearly don’t if you read my blog regularly).

If you strike out, get into a fight, or find yourself humiliated, don’t sweat it.  Your life won’t be over and there is no need to be overly dramatic about such things.

And this is free advice.  So take that for what it’s worth.