Monday, February 15, 2016

IQ and Civilization II

I have previously established that IQ and civilization are inexorably linked.  That in order to maintain a civilization, a society has to have an average IQ at or above 100 points.  While we cannot measure the IQ of ancient civilizations, modern ones bear this out.

So what needs to be done in the United States?  Already we are seeing a slight decline in the collective IQ of the US and it may go down further.  So here are some suggestions I have to remedy the situation and theoretically save US civilization:

  • End all welfare programs.  I’ve harped on this a lot in the past but welfare programs discourage people from working.  Effectively, stupid people can breed more while forcing productive and intelligent people to not breed and focus on working.
  • End Free Trade.  This will bring jobs back into the US and will allow people no longer on welfare to actually find decent work.
  • Require a minimum IQ for all government work, preferably at 95 or above.  This is because you don’t want people with criminally low IQs running the government or overseeing a group of people with guns.  When I say “criminally low” I mean an IQ range in the 80 points where criminality is strongly correlated. There is precedent for this as governments have discriminated against high-IQ people applying for government jobs.
  • Ensure that public school teachers have a minimum IQ of 100.  You cannot have teachers who are less intelligent than the average student after all.
  • Set a minimum IQ rating for student loan qualifications.  If a person is too stupid to attend college, than providing him or her with a loan is exploitation.  There is a special circle in Hell for people who exploit stupid and/or poor people.
  • Deregulate and bring about a freer market.  With a more free market system in place, you’ll see more rewards go to high-IQ people.
  • Stop Encouraging women to go to college.  They are wasting their prime child-bearing years getting useless degrees, more so than men, and entering a workforce which generally rewards merit over test-taking skills.
  • End Third-World Immigration.  In doing so, we will keep low-IQ people from over-saturating the country and thus causing more conflicts between natives and foreigners as well as increasing welfare.

There is more, but the main focus is about encouraging more intelligent people to engage in roles which benefit society and ensure the future survival of our civilization.  Unfortunately, many of these suggestions are also very radical and this blog is very small.

Also, IQ is not a virtue, merely a survival trait of the United States.  If we were all living in the desert as aborigines, then I wouldn’t consider IQ to be that important.

But it is critical in the United States.  Look at Detroit where the average IQ among the desolate areas tends to be criminally low.  That same thing can happen elsewhere should be continue on this path.