Monday, February 8, 2016

From Classy to Classi

Full Disclosure: I didn’t watch much of the 50th Superbowl last night.  But from the beginning it was nothing more than a giant shitstorm.

How far has our culture degraded that we have Lady Gaga, a bisexual incestuous pop-star, singing the national anthem.  Could we have done better?  Could we?

Apparently the NFL could not.  They couldn’t pull in a person who was talented and respectable.  No, we had to get one of the biggest industry whores to sing our national anthem.

And then there was the manufactured outrage over the Doritos commercial where pro-abortion advocates hated the idea of a baby in a womb being portrayed as a person.  Considering I’ve heard of children who have survived after being pulled from the womb at only 22 weeks, perhaps they should stop advocating baby murder.

Of course, this is all manufactured.  The NFL is the ultimate in bread and circuses in the United States.  We just had a presidential caucus that occurred in Iowa, something that is far more important than a bunch of guys dog-piling each other while getting paid millions for our enjoyment.

Honestly, that’s about where I stopped watching it, right after the Doritos commercial.

The fact is, all NFL events are manufactured.  All halftime shows are manufactured to be almost magick rituals.  The only thing missing is the gay sex.

Last night’s Superbowl was nothing more than a sobering reminder of how far we have fallen as a culture.  Where as Lady Gaga would have been allowed no where near the stadium 20 years ago (can you imagine Madonna singing the National Anthem in the 1980s?), we have her on full display here.

We have gone from classy to classi.