Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Silence of Christianity

There is an intellectual war going on in the West right now.  It is one that runs deep into the souls of many average people who really just want to work, eat, and play.

But the elites and other assorted snobs of the world cannot abide with people just doing their thing.  Everything has to be micromanaged (regulated) by the State and any competition with the State must be eliminated.

No where is this more apparent than the banishment of Christianity from the mainstream.  You literally cannot talk about God or Jesus positively in any mainstream media event or newscast and those who do are usually treated as crazy or quickly cut from public life.

In the United States, where Christians account for the 70-85% of the population, depending on what poll you look at, this is patently absurd.  If well over two-thirds of the people know about it, have a basic understanding of it, and probably wouldn’t be offended by its mention, then why wouldn’t you talk about it?

This alone should stand as evidence of the dominant culture in our society today.  We have Jesus but we refuse to talk about Him.

Meanwhile, various churches in the US assume that everyone else is corrupt and preach about evangelism.  We don’t need evangelism in the United States, we need people to stop being cowards about their faith.

Granted, there is nothing more annoying than someone who obsesses over a topic.  This is probably where the negative appeal of various Social Justice Warriors comes from as they constantly talk about who white straight men are evil and how women, minorities, and anyone in the LGBT movement are oppressed by them.

After a while, nobody really cares what you are talking about.

Christians are the majority in the United States right now.  Yes, various other groups are on the rise.  Those are trends and still haven’t reached the level that Christianity has.

If a church wants to reach out to the lost, be the quiet place to think about the man in the sky.  Don’t assume that people you meet haven’t heard about God, Jesus, Satan, the Holy Spirit, Heaven, Hell, and everything else.  We’ve all heard it and we all know about it.

As for the Christians out there, don’t be afraid to talk about your faith when the topic is brought up.  Don’t worry about the consequences.  So what if you become a pariah, at least you’ll be one for the right reason.

There is no shame in your faith.  Embrace it and declare it where appropriate.

And when you are questioned about matters of morality, don’t be afraid to point to God as the one who imprinted on all of us His moral code.  No, it isn’t a high-church intellectual position to take.  But chances are the person asking you the question is probably dumb as Hell anyway.

If churches are really serious about standing against the corruption and decadence of the West, they will stand up and fight the erasing of Christianity from the public square and the criminalization of practicing it.

Otherwise, the Muslim hordes will eventually overrun us.  There is no such thing as a post-Christian world because the absence of societal belief or faith is a fractured and broken culture.