Monday, January 11, 2016

Stupid Awards Shows

Has anyone watched an awards show?

I know that some people must be doing it but I never really have.  I tried watching a video game awards show but not one segment showed actual gameplay footage.  Instead, they awarded EA for their stupid football game.

I tried watching a comedy awards show but that too was lame and unfunny.

That’s about it.

Apparently the Golden Globes happened last night.  And nobody really watched it.

Honestly, these award shows are nothing more than a bunch of ego-centric narcissists who want to pat themselves on the back for reading lines.  Usually, the awards go to the actors or the directors but never to the multitude of people who work on set to keep things going.

My view is that award shows should be avoided and anyone winning an award is really just communist propaganda directed at the general public.  Because Hollywood entertainment is nothing but communist subversion of our culture.

Anyway, I know what I like and while it probably doesn’t win awards, I enjoy it.