Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Government Doesn’t Stop Hedonism

Watched Ben Swann’s report on CDC corruption today.  Got into a bit of a spat with a moron.  I basically stated that the gay mafia caused the CDC to become politicized in the 1980s due to the AIDS “epidemic”.  This person disagreed saying that conservatives stopped the CDC from doing its job.

I’m guessing this commenter was a gay rights activist of some kind who believed that government could have stopped the spread of AIDS while allowing gay men to continue to have 10+ anonymous sexual partners a day.

In other words, the government was suppose to do its primary domestic job: protecting people from the bad consequences of their actions.

The spread of AIDS in the United States was primarily due to the extremely sexually promiscuous culture that underlined urban gay men.  They made it so that a gay man could go to a specific location and have sex with another man without attachment.

It is pretty much the dream of many young heterosexual men to have such a world for them.  But women, despite their best efforts to imitate men, remain very selective in their sexual partners, even when it is anonymous.

So of course, by committing wanton acts of sodomy, gay men are more likely to contract many serious diseases.  I doubt even AIDS is the most rampant among gay men.

The bottom line is, AIDS was the fault of irresponsible sexual behavior among gay men and that continues to be the case to this day in the Western world.

Of course, this is considered homophobic.  It is homophobic to urge fellow human beings to act with the virtue of moderation and it is not homophobic to promote hedonism among sexual degenerates.

Such is the world we live in.