Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Man Up and Fight Back

As a man in the Western civilization, I’ve often heard people telling other men to “man-up”.  Usually, the context of this revolves around men not doing what women want them to do and other men trying to shame them into being what women what men to be.

But when men fight back, I mean really fight back, suddenly we’re not manly or living up to our expectations as men.  I find this whole notion disgusting and demeaning to men everywhere.

Men need to fight back when they are confronted with injustices against them.  When their wives decide to divorce them, they need to get over the emotions they feel, hire a bulldog of a lawyer, and go for the legal throat.  When your wife declares that your marriage is over and she wants to leave, she has effectively declared war on you.

When a man doesn’t pay child support because he can’t afford to do so, he is called a deadbeat by society.  Because in our sick society, the only way you can show love to your children is through money.

Marriage in Western Society is considered a social dating contract, one that can be severed at any time by a woman whenever she doesn’t feel haaapy.  And then the family court system is set up to strip a man of his productivity and give it to his ex-wife.  This makes him the provider without the benefit of sex to his family.  What’s left of it anyway.

It is time for men to rise up and fight back.  Do everything in your power to stop these abuses as best you can.  When you are attacked, go to war with the enemy.  It could be your wife wanting a divorce, your co-worker seeking to impose his or her twisted moral code on the office, or it could be some politician trying to enslave in some minor way (like making you clear a sidewalk owned by the local government).

Fight back as best as you can.  This need not be violent confrontations like the militia in Oregon, although I sympathize with them as they seemed to have very little recourse.

But really, all you have to do is stand up for yourself.

If only one-third of American men stood up and said, “Enough!”, we’d see a huge shift in our culture, public policy, and our collective dignity and self-respect.

I leave you with the following example from the movie Changing Lanes: