Tuesday, December 8, 2015

There Is No Such Thing As Religious Freedom

Do we have religious freedom in the United States?

The common accepted wisdom is that we do have it, insofar as the Constitution is concerned.  The First Amendment guarantees a freedom of religion.  Although, in reality it only just says that Congress cannot pass a law that imposes one religion over another.  As far as the States are concerned, they can make an official religion if they wish.

My point is that we don’t have a freedom of religion in this country.  We have the tolerance of religion by the State, provided that this religion doesn’t seek harm to others.

We don’t allow Satanists to engage in human sacrifice.

We don’t allow Voodoo to raise the dead (even if they could).

We don’t allow Santeria to engage in anything more than chicken sacrifice.

And we shouldn’t allow Muslims to operate in this nation when they have openly declared war on us.