Monday, December 7, 2015

MGTOW, PUA, and Neomasculinity

Feminism is the communist version of applying State controls on the sexual marketplace.  I suppose that is one definition that most people don’t really understand, but it explains why a lot of women can go along with feminism despite not knowing what it is truly about.

Ever since the lines of communication and travel were expanded in the last century, the dating market has expanded.  Beyond that, the modern Western society has done away with arranged marriages at all levels.  In the old days, you usually ended up marrying a local, usually at the behest of your parents.  The dating culture is a new phenomenon, largely created within the last century or so.

Because dating became the predominant form of courtship, it essentially opened up the sexual marketplace to a much broader range of choices, primarily for women.  As more and more laws were passed that benefitted married women, as well as traditions in marriage cast aside, we see marriage as nothing more than a social dating contract.

This is what feminists have done with the dating market.  They have applied market controls to something in order to determine the price and supply of a common good for men: women themselves.  And with these controls there is scarcity, more so than before, with proper women.

And so we see the rise of the MGTOW, the PUA, and the neomasculinist.  With the MGTOW, they’ve given up on society.  With the PUA, we see men who are taking advantage of the glut of the sexual marketplace and pumping and dumping as many women as they can.  And finally, we have the neomasculinist, who are a group dedicated to reclaiming manhood and forging out a way for all of us to benefit from the past lessons of patriarchy and the current culture of social media.

One thing that I’ve noticed among women is their open disdain for pornography.  And many men jump on board, with even Christian men calling men who look at porn to be adulterers.  I personally prefer it to be considered a failure to fuck your wife, but that’s besides the point.

What women do not understand is that pornography does not provide men with sexual satisfaction, only sexual release.  It is an advanced form of cuckolding that seeks to only provide a relief to our baser urges.  Any man who has had sex with a woman and used pornography can attest to the difference between release and satisfaction.

Now, I’m not saying that pornography is a moral thing.  I don’t believe it is and it definitely damages men with lust.  At the same time, however, it is the alternative to dealing with women.

What women need to understand is that the sexual marketplace is a market.  When men are finding themselves facing a growing trend of unattractive women whose personalities are even disgusting, we see more men turning to other sources for release.  And while satisfaction is preferable to release, satisfaction is increasingly risky and scarce while release is quick and practically free.

Feminism has created this environment.  And men are adjusting their behavior accordingly, either by checking out (MGTOW), taking advantage (PUA), or fighting back (neomasculinist).

My suggestion is to fight back.