Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What Two Party System

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid the Republicans actually are:

Harry Reid just gave Paul Ryan an unwelcome endorsement for speaker.

The Democratic leader offered his surprise backing for Ryan (R-Wis.) to assume the House speakership, saying he hopes Ryan runs and wins the job because he's a "Paul Ryan fan."

It’s weird.  It’s like the Democrats are taunting the Tea Party and everyone else who might potentially vote Republican by stating that they run the damn government.

And why not?  I mean, from top to bottom, the Federal government is nothing but communist Trekkies.  They literally believe that they can fix humanity through the power of monopolized violence courtesy of your local LEO.

And still, the Republicans pretend to get along and always seek compromise with assholes who very clearly do not have any regard for human life, lie nearly all the time, and have no problems with sexual deviancy.  Unless said deviancy is committed by Republicans.  Then it’s bad.

But I digress.  It is clear that we do not have a two party system but a bifactional ruling party.  Harry Reid endorsed Paul Ryan because he knows that he can make deals in his favor with Rep. Ryan.

Yes, this may just be a bluff, but I doubt it.  Senator Reid has probably taken too many blows to the head to come up with anything remotely resembling a clever plan.  The man is so out of touch that he even proposed making prostitution illegal in his home state of Nevada on the floor of the state legislatures.  Nobody applauded.

So I’m going to take this endorsement seriously, knowing that Reid is doing this because he and Ryan agree more than they disagree.

Or they just simply share the same lobbyist friends and therefore get the same cut of the bribery pie.