Friday, October 23, 2015

Rambling About Internet Commies

I haven’t paid for cable television for about 8 years.  And I don’t regret stopping the cable bill and only paying for cable internet.

I never bothered with sports and thus any sports packages bore no interest to me.  I don’t like paying extra for premium channels, mainly because they are worthless and they only show pointless movies which are uninteresting.  Or they air mature shows which depict degeneracy as virtue.

So I gave it up and found ways to watch the shows I liked while avoiding to pay for channels I found morally objectionable or simply pointless to exist.

MTV, for instance, is nothing but a cesspool of cultural communism.  It used to just show music videos but then it became about more than that.  Considering that the blimp known as Laci Green has her own segments on that show where she showcase her hatred of men in the guise of feminism, it should come as no surprise.

Anyway, I stopped paying for them and it looks like many people my age or younger are following suit.  I find this to be comforting.  Television is on the decline and in its place we have the Internet.

And the Internet is hard to control or nail down.  Now there have been attempts to do so, with many cultural commies infiltrating top social media sites and setting up policies to suit their needs, but by and large, it something that is hard to nail down.

The Internet was designed to be too decentralized to control really.  But this doesn’t mean that those commienazis won’t try to do so.

And so we see them make attempts to do so.  Colluding with the government and big corporations, we see the free flow of information suddenly being threatened with silence and irrelevance.

The key to beating them is to simply ignore them, keep a humble attitude, and finally set up alternatives if you can.

Beyond that, there isn’t much else you can do.  Communists aspire to government jobs, so the government will not help you.  The corporations won’t help you because you’re broke.

But take heart, because I believe they have overreached and as they grasp to control everything, they will lose control of all of it.

This isn’t a 100-meter sprint, this is a marathon.  Focus on the war and don’t fret over losing the battle.