Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Societal Cancer

Human life is sacred.  At least that is the reality of the created world we live in.

But that doesn’t seem to matter all that much to Americans these days.  Sure, we have an organization whose sole existence is to murder unborn children, harvest their organs, and sell them to other organizations for research and other culinary delights.

Meanwhile, some old lion gets shot by some dentist while he is on African safari and the whole community of Twitter, YouTube, and many others could not be more outraged.  A beast that would have never done anything other than make his various wives hunt for him while he devoured the choice part of the animal letting his own cubs starve as they watched him eat.  And then he’ll insist on sex later.

Seriously, a male lion is literally everything that the Left hates about the male sex in humans, but in lions it’s noble and majestic.

I don’t give a damn about Cecil.  I care more about the children who are murdered so that their mothers can relieve themselves of the shame of banging an irresponsible man-child.  I care more about the men and women who are murdered by the criminal negligence of some asshole behind the wheel of a car.  I care more about that two year boy in the UK who was beaten, raped, and murdered by a couple of older kids, both of whom should be executed for their heinous crime.

But this really isn’t about me out-caring the people of the Left.  That is easy to do because communists, more than anything, desire power through emotional persuasion, not any kind of reasonable dialectic or even strong rhetoric.

They don’t regard human life as sacred because they openly reject the truth of God.  Even Muslims have at least some semblance of the sacredness of human life.  At least when it comes to their own.

But these yahoos have no regard for beauty, truth, or what is right, proper, and good.  They regard these things as tools of the patriarchy or as vehicles for racism.

An idiot on twitter (who I have blocked because he’s an idiot) did some grandstanding with me a week ago when he tried to make it look like I didn’t want to talk about race.  Basically, he showed a picture of a lynching and said it was racist.  I retorted that it was murder and press him to tell which was the worse crime.

I received no reply.

That is how these loonies think.  They are the MPs who ignore the freshly dead and raped hooker and instead arrest the innocent soldier for desertion while letting the sociopathic soldier go free.  They are not people you can reason with and they are not people you want to associate with.

If you cannot regard human life as sacred and instead belief animals are better than humans, you are a bestial and a fool.  You are a parasite on civilized society and have no business participating in it.

Do us all a favor and exile yourself from the West.  Go live in these countries where people are supposedly impoverished because of straight white cismales for some reason and don’t bother coming back.

You are a cancer on society.  If you do not leave soon, the backlash will result in severe societal chemotherapy following the surgical removal of the collective tumor that is Social Justice.