Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The End of Religious Freedom

There was a time when I thought I might become a priest of some kind.  I imagined myself helping people and doing some good.  Fortunately, it wasn’t a calling and I lost interest very quickly.

I would hate to be a pastor in the near future because I know what is coming: the absolute end of religious liberty in the United States.  With the Supreme Court ruling that gay marriage is an absolute right (so long as a State government provides a marriage license), it means that pastors of all stripes will be forced to perform gay weddings.

Now, I know there are many people are going to say that it is nonsense.  That the government merely ruled that gay people can get married, not that pastors have to perform the wedding.

That is true.  They didn’t say that religious leaders have to go against their religious convictions and do what the government tells them.

But consider this.  When the Supreme Court ruled that segregated government schools were not a form of equality, they decided to forcibly integrate schools.

What this meant was skinny white guys were force to go to a school with black children who had a grudge against white people in general.  It was the 1960s by this point and so instead of just allowing children to go the school closest to them, the courts forced kids to go out of their way in order to meet “racial quotas”.

In other words, it was exactly like the situation found in the segregated schools where children were forced to go to a school that farther away than the one closest too them for ideological reason.  Same shit, different ideology.

Do not think for one second that pastors and priests will be able to deny gay weddings without facing fines and jail time.  We already see this happening with bakers, photographers, and pizza makers.  It will not be a stretch to see this happening with pastors.

This is why I lean more to being a libertarian than a conservative or anything else.  The less government you have, especially in a representative democracy, the less likely you going to have your entire livelihood overtaken by idiots, degenerates, and perverts.

But I can’t go on wishing there was less of this government and more freedom.  In the real world, government is nothing but power and it means people like us need to take that power back from the crazy assholes who have it.

And no, I don’t mean voting Republican.  If that was your first thought, you’re an idiot.

The gay marriage ruling has emboldened the Left and all their whiny, highly motivated moral busybodies who work for them.  With it, they will strive to push for more “rights” which will bring about the end of religious freedom in America.