Wednesday, July 15, 2015

No Such Thing as Racism

There is no such thing as racism.

I know, I know, what about all those movies or books or photos which depict “racially-motivated” crimes where a certain minority group is murdered, beaten, or attacked in some fashion?

Well, those things did happen.  But it was not because of racism, which is an abstract and artificial construct, but because of a clash of cultures or tribes.

There is a such thing as tribalism, where groups of people usually protect and look out for one another while fighting against opposing tribes.  And when there is a weaker tribe who has people who cause trouble for another tribe, whether real or imagined, usually the stronger tribe will exact vicious revenge.

The term “racism” was created by communist Leon Trotsky in order to discredit people who disagreed with him and his radical degenerate views on society and economics.  And to this day, the communist Left has been using that concept to attack those who oppose them, no matter what the truth is.

And many people of the right-wing or the moderate-wing of the political spectrum fall for it.  They go out of their way to prove that they are not racist, even going on communist television stations to beg forgiveness from people who believe in the concept of forgiveness.

These days, people think that racism is the greater sin than murder, violence assaults, or even rape (though by a slim margin it would seem).  When I got into a twitter debate with a someone about this, he kept on posting images of black men being lynched and stating that it was racism.  I retorted that it was murder but he didn’t seem to understand because communist propaganda in our nation has distorted our sense of justice and morality.

I am not denying that calling a black person a “niggar” isn’t hate-filled.  I know that it was used as a pejorative against black men.  But it was not a racist word.  It was a derogatory term used against a smaller tribe of people.

I know this a controversial subject.  And the communists in our nation have succeeded in drawing up tribal lines along racial make-up.  But that young man who shot up that black church during a prayer meeting didn’t do it because of the color of their skin.  He himself stated it was because he believed that their tribe was “raping our women” among other false accusations.

The communists, you see, substitute “tribe” and “culture” with race and thus they are able to excuse the bad behavior of a collective few by declaring that anyone who doesn’t like it is racist.

Do not fall into their trap.  Keep in mind that they are using communist tactics against you and learn to respond with superior rhetoric.

But always understand that whenever there are “race riots” or “racial prejudice”, the reality is that you are witnessing tribal wars in some fashion or another.  And try to hold up the Liberty Tribe as the ideal tribe to be a part of.  Because if we don’t stick together, the communists will win the country as they have won the cultures of the lessor tribes.