Monday, June 15, 2015

The Tide of Degenerates


The word evokes a kind of revulsion among English speaking people.  It often brings pictures of horribly disfigured people engaging in acts of perversion.

But degenerates are usually not that obvious.  They are not abominations nor are they necessarily perverts.

Put simply, degenerates are people who engage in activities which seek to harm society and civilization as a whole.  They are people who, for whatever reason, believe that they are doing good when in fact they are courting demons.

To degenerate is to break down.  The degenerates among us tend to do this, even if their intentions are “pure”.

An example would be the feminist backlash against Sir Tim Hunt, who made a simple joke about women in science labs.  As a result, the degenerates, many of whom never knew who he was or were in the least bit affected in any way by his comments, decided to ruin his remaining career because of hurt feelings and badthink.

This is what degenerates do: they tear down things which they cannot do themselves because they are driven by hatred and envy.  They hate that they cannot do the things that great men (and women) can do and instead try to destroy it.

They spout nonsense like “Unity through diversity” and “transphobic” and “white privilege”.  Never mind that none of those things make sense nor do they actually exist outside of the abstract thoughts of people with mental illnesses.

They are people who do not forgive, never forget, and will constantly push your buttons if they ever set their sights on you.

Don’t give in to them.  It took them 9 years to get Vox Day expelled from the Science Fiction Writers Association (I think that’s right) because he refused to apologize for who he is and he refused to give in to their demands.

Don’t apologize to people like that, especially when they demand apologies.  They will keep attacking.  Make them force your employers to fire you and then sue your employers for wrongful termination.  Make them threaten you with death threats and then call the police and have them arrested.

The only way to stop them is fight them, not compromise with them.  They are destroying civilization as we know it and all you can do is say that we shouldn’t be so mean to them because we’ll become them.

No one built any civilization by being nice.  The history of humanity is full of suffering and misery inflicted by degenerates with the civilized, reasonable people fighting back.

I know I’m ranting, but I am so sick of these people getting center stage and being celebrated for being degenerate.  It’s like the elites who danced with the robot while the workers rebelled in the movie Metropolis.

Don’t be those people.  Fight for your future.  Have children and raise them correctly.  Fight against the coming destruction.  Stop these self-righteous bastards from taking over.  Because mass graves await those who do not fight back.