Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Is there nothing more annoying to modern women than having standards?  To the modern woman, a man who has any kind of standards in a person he wishes to date or marry is considered to be a pig.  Like all women are the same and really just interchangeable holes for men to have fun with.  That’s the logical implication of what they are saying.

So when a man expresses his interest in thin blonde women with blue eyes or a full-formed redhead with green eyes, he’s suddenly a pig.  But when a woman is sexually harassed by a Clooney lookalike, he is given a pass because he’s a hunk.

This is the true nature of female hypergamey as I understand it.  When the sexual marketplace is placed in women’s hands, they pine for the top 20% of guys, who are all too willing to bang their brains out, while ignoring men who are at their sexual marketplace value.

And as much as I would like for women to wake up and realize that they need to not chase after the Alphas, that’s an unrealistic fantasy.  So instead I recommend that men everywhere understand this and start to do things that will ensure their own happiness with women in the future.

For one thing, learn Game.  This will help understand women.  It may be repulsive to you.  It may seem dishonest.  But it perfectly illustrates how women think and what you need to do in order to secure a relationship with them.

Another thing is to get in shape.  Too many men are outlived by their wives.  A large consequence of this is probably due to poor health on a man’s part because he’s got his sexual contract.  But these days, you need to keep in shape in order to provide Dread Game (which is instilling the fear that you don’t need her) on a near constant basis.  A well-built muscular man in his 40s is more attractive than a flabby hipster in his 20s.

You should probably grow a beard.  This is a personal preference but a beard represents masculinity.  Men without beards are like children all grown up.  If you can’t grow a beard, don’t fret.  Like being too short or too tall, consider it a disability in Game that you need to overcome.

Finally, when starting a long term relationship of some kind, make sure you clarify what your expectations are from her on the first date or gathering.  If you don’t, she’ll define them for you and you’ll end up holding her goddamn purse while she bangs a NFL quarterback in the Mall restroom (not a true story as far as I know).

So have standards.  Having standards puts you in a leadership role and defines your destiny.  Don’t let women define them for you because it shows weakness in your leadership skills.

And weakness in leadership skills is largely why the divorce rate is so high these days.