Tuesday, June 2, 2015


There is nothing crueler than a child.  It’s an old saying I guess.  I mean I heard it on Cowboy Bebop but I assume it comes from older wisdom.

When I hear about children who murder other children, it is particularly upsetting.  The case in the UK where those two boys killed that two-year-old is particularly upsetting to me, maybe because I have a two-year-old myself and because they made that kid’s life a living hell for the rest of his life.

And yet we have all these morons who claim that children are not responsible for their actions.  That children like that should just be locked up.

I say that children who commit murder should be treated like anyone else who commits murder: they should be executed.

The same with the crazy people.  I don’t know when this “insanity” defense came about, but it makes no sense.  The best thing you can do for other people is to judge people based on their actions and respond accordingly.  In matters of justice, this involves restitution.

And when it comes to murder, the perpetrators life is forfeit.

I don’t care about age, race, gender, or sexuality.  I don’t care about the perpetrator’s past as an abuse victim.

Justice demands death for the act of murder.

To do otherwise is cruelty to humanity.