Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bomb Threat in DC Against #GamerGate; Women and Minorities Most Affected

In case you haven’t heard, a bomb threat was made against a bar in downtown Washington D.C.  Fortunately, it was fake and nobody was hurt, least of all the ghost of Ted Kennedy (that chill in your butt crack is him ladies), but it was a little alarming.

Why was a bomb threat made against the bar?  Because there a hate group in attendance: the dreaded #GamerGate supporters who want to oppress women and minorities by pushing for ethics in gaming journalism.

In attendance at the impromptu event, were Christina Hoff Summers, a feminist Democrat, and Milo Yiannopoulos, a writer for Breitbart and professional gay man.  Reports indicate that Christina Hoff Summers left shortly after the bar was evacuated to parts unknown (probably to go home) while Milo himself left to get laid.

There is an indication that Arthur Chu, famous Salon writer and former Jeopardy champion, incited the bomb threat by raising Hell about the #GamerGate gathering.  Because freedom of association is not a right in the United States.  Despite it being in the fucking Constitution you trivia hack.

Full disclosure: the author of this piece was not at the bar in question, but fully supports #GamerGate because Social Justice Warriors are living pieces of crap and because video games don’t need to be preachy.

Anyway, it is amazing to me what lengths SJWs will go to in order to stop their opponents.  From sending death threats to pulling fire alarms to pushing for bomb threats.  These folks are modern communists, of the same breed as the ones who followed Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution (started primarily because Mao Zedong was bored as Hell with actually leading the country he conquered and because he had been deposed for starving 30 million people to death).

To understand these people, you merely need to think of all the shit you were indoctrinated with in government school about racial oppression, human sexuality, and gender equality (short summary: white man evil!) and think of the pathetic moron who listened to it all whole-heartedly.

Despite many of them being white, middle to upper-middle class human beings with lots of time on their hands, they believe themselves to be an oppressed minority.  Or are champions of it.  Or are warriors for them.

You know, like Karl Marx, the champion of the working class.  He was such a champion of them that he flatly rejected their unions and kept a slave maid/sex slave around with him for his entire life.

Arthur Quizboy should be wary of what he is doing.  His actions only serve to make those on the fence side with #GamerGate as they see what a shit-bag he really is.  Now, I’m not saying that the bomb threat was made by Quizboy, but since #GamerGate is collectively responsible for all the death threats against the anti-GG folks, I’m holding him responsible for this.

In the mainstream press, however, there is silence.  Because the narrative of a peaceful gathering of an anti-communist group being disrupted by a bomb threat in our nation’s capital is not newsworthy.  But deflated footballs are.

Oh, and apparently ISIS has a hit list of American citizens.  But that’s not important because FOOTBALL!!!!