Monday, March 9, 2015


Hope is the most difficult, terrible thing that man has.  Despair is so much easier in the face of problems that we face either personally or collectively.  It is easy to lose yourself in it, to absorb your sadness into your heart and to bring yourself into those dark places we all go from time to time.

Not everyone can deal with it properly.  Most people can’t really.  We close off our family and friends.  We find ourselves in isolation and become even more solipsistic than before.

Others lash out at people.  They attack others for not fulfilling them.

People are often mistaken when they believe that others can make them whole.  It isn’t limited to the realm of the ignorant either, just the foolish.  The great Greek philosophers would speculate on people making other people whole.

I know that becoming whole is much more than simply finding comfort in another person.  We are all hollows wandering this world seeking to devour our happiness and find our hearts.

But I would rather starve.  I would rather be alone in my misery than see others suffer for it.

Sometimes that can’t be helped though.  If human beings are social creatures, then we are doomed to affect those around us whether we like it or not.