Thursday, March 12, 2015

Against Anti-Racism

Being anti-racist is tyrannical. Then again, anything that becomes standard government policy amounts to tyranny eventually.

Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another race purely because of race.  Honestly, going on that definition, it is hard to logically come up with a reason to be anti-racist, especially in light of genetic science reinforcing racial differences.

In essence, I see the difference races as sub-species more so than simply people with different skin color.  Notice I said “sub-species”, not “sub-human”.  We are all human but our genetics do determine a lot about us.

Yes, horrible things have been done in the name of racism.  And also horrible things have been done in the name of science, religion, communism, and for no real reason at all.  In fact, if we go by body count, atheism and communism has racism beat.  Better a racist than a communist.  You’re less genocidal that way.

But people who are going out of their way to either end racism or prove they aren’t racist are either fighting a losing battle or infringing on the civil rights of others.

One of the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in the United States is freedom of association.  What this means that you are allowed to associate with any person you desire to associate with.  That include racist groups.  They are allowed to meet, rally, and party as much as they want, provided they bring no harm to anyone else’s life, liberty, or property.

I do not care for racist groups, whether they are white, black, Hispanic, or whatever else.  I couldn’t care less about what they do, provided they don’t harm others in any way.  Once they do bring harm to others, that is when I will call for justice.  Justice is blind to race, creed, and social standing.  At least that is the idea.

And I think that is the central point: it wasn’t racism that was the real problem with the South, it was that their governments had embraced it to the point that they were willing to allow racist groups murder, rape, and pillage other people who weren’t part of their race.  Because their governments, which were supposed to represent law and order, didn’t fulfill their duty, it became a real problem.

We are supposed to be considered equal under the law.  The law is supposed to be applied equally to every person regardless of race, gender, or ideology.  Instead we see the anti-racists pushing an agenda that specifically targets a certain race, gender, and ideology.  Ironically these people are usually of the same race and gender.

Personally, I don’t see much necessity in racism.  I judge people by their actions, not their race.

And judging by the actions of the anti-racists, I’d rather be on the opposite side of them than on the same side.  They disgust me.