Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hope for the New Year

This is my 1000th post.

Yep, I’ve (mostly) written about 1000 posts.  It is a nice milestone to meet at the end of the year I suppose.

Early, this blog was meant to be a political one.  However, over the years, I’ve found myself less interested in politics because I’ve come to realize that politics in modern America is a game and a distraction.  It is designed to make people feel empowered, much like a sport, while at the same time nobody really notices that things don’t change.

Maybe I’m just more cynical as I grow older.  But that is what I have observed thus far.

Politically, my views are more nihilistic than before.  I am a political nihilist.

However, I do have a hope for the future of Western civilization.  This past year has shown that enough people are fed up with the nonsense on the Left, particularly the Social Justice Warriors, or as I like to call them, kids who paid too much attention in government skool.

The Left has drawn lines and put their pathetic troops up front.  And pretty much everyone else is responding to them.  Although “responding” is a more polite term.

The fact is, people are fighting back against Leftism more and more these days.  Where as before it was just the activists on the political Right, now we are seeing moderates and nonaligned folks stand up and confront them.

Be it GamerGate, MetalGate, ShirtGate, or whatever else has cropped up, the Leftists are being exposed for their hypocrisy, tyranny, and just how downright awful they are as human beings.

This is only the first year though.  It seems that there is a real turning point this time around and hopefully it will continue throughout the next several years.  Because this struggle is not something that gets resolved overnight.

They have the media, the government, and even major entertainment companies in their sway.  They tell most brain-dead zombies how to think.  So it is going to be a lot of work and paradigm-shifting on our part to win.

But it looks like more people now than ever are willing to fight.  And that gives me hope for the new year.