Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Be Careful What You Demand of Government

All laws are backed by the threat of death.  Even the little ones like loitering or selling something that is illegal to sell.

This argument is always painted as ridiculous and an anarchist one.  In fact, sometimes people respond that because it is an anarchist argument, then it is automatically invalid (looking at you John C. Wright).

But it is the truth.  The God’s honest horrible truth about laws.  Every law that is passed is to be enforced with lethal results if necessary.

This is why it is very critical that we carefully evaluate all laws that are passed by our crony legislatures.  Because the regulation that tells you whether or not you can own a pig on your property will be met with deadly force if you refuse to comply.

Government is an institution designed to handle protection from external threats and maintain justice domestically.  The only method at its deposal is the use of force, which is its social contract with the populace.

This is why even minor laws are backed by lethal force.  Because there is no real alternative to coerce people to obey them.

Granted, most people follow most laws because they aren’t bad people in general.  Sinners, yes, but not bad people.  Our desires are mostly to make money and live a decent life without bringing harm to others.  But there are select few for whom these laws are made.

And then you’re choked to death for selling cigarettes in front of downtown shops.  All because the police have two settings when you resist: chase or kill.