Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I Doubt It

Do women really want a good man in their lives?  Do they desire a man who holds a strong, rigid morality?  Who is physically in good shape?  Who is disciplined?  Who is confident in himself?

Or is that man just perceived as arrogant?  Is he to be resented because he is not damaged as much as she is?  Should he be considered as a mere tool for her happiness?

Should she be so concerned with his lack of emotion?  Should he express any sorrow or pity at the appropriate times?  Or should he simple remain stoic in the face of adversity?

Should she continue to resent him and hate him?  Should she make his life miserable because he’s too good for him?

Should she cheat on him?  Should she be so contemptuous that she should go out and seek attention for other, lower class males?

Should he keep her around?  Should he divorce her?  Should he roll the dice and let his children grow up dysfunctional?  Or risk dysfunction by sticking it out?

Should he tolerate her?  Should he even care about her?

What is the repentance that she must undertake for her sins against him?  Is there repentance to be done or are thing just over?

Can their marriage be saved?  Can they find a way to make things work out?

Or will they get divorced?  Will she give up her insanity?  Will he let her go?  Will she stay with him?  Will she even like him again?

Is any of this just a chasing after the wind?