Friday, August 15, 2014

Feminism’s Equality Mask

So we have another major actor saying he is a feminist.  This time it is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Now, I like many of the movies he’s in, so I don’t hold that against him anymore than I hold it against Joss Whedon.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that most people who claim to be feminist either don’t understand what feminism is really about or are simply raked with misplaced guilt.  I don’t know what camp these Hollywood types fall into (my guess is stupidity), but I suppose it doesn’t matter.

The truth is, feminism is not about female empowerment, it is about establishing selective female rulers and male proxies by removing the societal responsibilities of womanhood while retaining all the benefits.  I know that is a bit of a wordy description, so I’ll elaborate further.

First of all, think about one of the most fundamental biological functions a woman can perform: having a baby.  Now, in the modern Western society, rightly or wrongly, a woman can give up her baby through various means, either through scrambling its brains while in the womb or just by abandoning it at a specific location or through a specific agency.  In these cases, no state institution compels the mother to be an actual mother.

Contrast that with the situation that men find themselves in.  If a man gets a blowjob from a woman and she preserves his sperm and impregnates herself with it using a turkey baster, then he will be on the hook for child support.  Men do not have a say in matter all.  The State compels him to play the part of a father without the benefits of actually raising said child.

So we see a definite pattern here: a woman has all the perks of motherhood and none of the responsibilities while the man has all the responsibilities of fatherhood but none of the perks.  All the choices are hers and hers alone while the men is left destitute as he gets carted off to jail for not being able to pay child support.  Or he simply immolates himself on the courthouse steps and nobody notices or really cares.  He was a deadbeat dad after all.

Look, I’m not trying to make this about equality or fairness.  I believe in neither because equality is a myth constructed by inferior moral busybodies to rule over us and if life were fair, we’d all get what we truly deserved (here’s a hint: we don’t deserve most of what we have).  This is about what the feminists claim they stand for versus what they actually stand for.  If feminists were about equality, then they wouldn’t support or encourage this nonsense in our court systems; they would fight against it.

The same can be said about alimony and child support in general.  Isn’t it a little degrading for a woman to have a court order to make her ex-husband support her and her child financially?  Shouldn’t she be independent and strong enough to support herself and her children without the financial aid of a man?

But you will never hear a feminist talk like that.  For the true feminist, alimony and child support are vengeance against the patriarchy.  Never mind that any sane and reasonable person would award custody to the parent who better provide for the basic needs of the child (food, clothing, and shelter require money last I checked).  Instead, it is about the emotional needs of the child rather than the physical needs.  Because good feelings are just as good as a full belly.

Feminism is all about suppressing men and taking vengeance against them.  It is about tearing down everything that men built out of envy for the things they cannot do.  Because feminism is the politicization of Envy and Envy is a deadly sin.