Thursday, July 17, 2014

Illegal Aliens Are Negligent Parents

It is high time I weigh in on the current immigration issue.  Currently, there are thousands of illegal aliens pouring over the border and being funneled into concentration camps set up by the Federal government.  The sad thing is, many of these illegal aliens are children.  Children who are abandoned by their parents and told to go to America.

I cannot help but think that this deliberate on the part of the Obama administration in order to push through amnesty.  He has said he would pass through amnesty by executive decision in the past, so it is not out of the realm of possibility that he would use children for political ends.

So we have an administration whose standing orders are to let everyone in and extort the American people out of money in order to secure the border.  From where I stand, we have enough troops and military equipment that can close the border in less than a month.  No extra funding is needed, just ground troops.  Hell, they could even get back all those military vehicles that they’ve sold to local police squads.

On the other, I’ve noticed that nobody significant has pointed out the obvious: that these are children of negligent parents.

The Hispanic invaders on our southern borders are children whose parents have abandoned them.  To put this in perspective for those of you who think that not letting brown people in is racist, this is the equivalent of white trailer trash abandoning their kids on the border and telling them to go to Mexico.

In fact, maybe we should exchange undesirables.  At least the trash south of the border doesn’t speak terrible English.

The point is, the Hispanic leaders of Central and South America are dumping their undesirables off on the US border and then collecting taxes on the money that is wired back to their negligent parents.  That’s the scam.

I know that there are many people who feel sorry for children.  It isn’t their fault that their parents abandoned them and I agree with that assessment.

So I propose a solution: we help those kids, send them back south of the border and we charge Mexico and all the other Central American countries for our trouble.

Of course, that’s not going to happen.  Instead we’re going to continue to transplant these abandoned children into concentration camps and turn them into Hitler youth.