Monday, June 9, 2014

Women, Envy, and College

I’m about to write something that is controversial.  More so than my usual dribble as this is something that will probably kill any chance I have at being a politician some day (yeah!) and may even cost me a career as witch hunters find this kind of thing golden.

I don’t believe that women should go to college.

I know, I’ve just put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger.  I’ve written something that is so unthinkable that I am bound to get death threats from people should this ever get out.

My reasons for this are quite simple really.  It all has to do with the true nature of women and their biological makeup along with societal expectations.

Generally, women want to have children.  At some point.  Notice too, that I said generally.  There are a number of  women who have no desire to have children at any point in their lives.  There is nothing wrong with them.  And they are not in the majority.

Studies have shown that women are at their most fertile when they are in their late teens to early 20s.  Or rather, this is the best time to have children for them.  When women get to their late 30s and on into their 40s, they can complications.  Most Down Syndrome children are born to parents who are middle aged, for example.

On top of that, a woman’s attractiveness peaks in her early 20s and gradually decreases from there.  This does not mean that women are ugly by the time they are 30, but they are less desirable by then.  They can still find men, but they gradually filter out and go after the younger 20-somethings because they are hotter and sexier.

But what are we having women do when they are at both their peak fertility and peak attractiveness?

We are telling them to go to college and get a degree then get a career.  We tell them that marriage is for after this because that is how it works for men and because they need to be independent and “free”.

But what do they do in college?  Many of them study for useless degrees (men too, but that’s not the focus here) and end up riding the cock carousel.  It is not a coincidence that abortion clinics are often located near or on college campuses.

And then what happens after college?  Many of these girls go out and find jobs.  Whether or not they find a job that is related to their degree is irrelevant at this point.  They now losing their attractiveness and fertility as they work.  In many cases, especially in the cities, they are hitting the nightclubs and hooking up.  Wasting their waning sexual appeal on men who wouldn’t risk their fingernails for them.

Then they get closer and closer to the Wall.  The point at which they are totally unattractive to most men.  They realize that they should marry now before losing their attractiveness entirely.  Unfortunately, having slept with so many men means she’s damaged goods.  Only a complete waste of a man would marry her now.  Men she wouldn’t give two shits about 10 years earlier.

So she settles.  But she always resents him because he is a constant reminder of how she wasted her life.  But she has children with him.  She does this because of her biological desire and because she wants to secure her own marriage with him.

And then, she decides to leave the workforce entirely.  Her education is wasted now because there is no degree for being a mother.  At least none worth getting.  But the debt remains for her Beta-provider to pay off.

Contrast that to a woman who does not go to college and instead gets a simple day job while she maintains her virginity and seeks to attract a husband.  She finds one who is older than her, but has a stable career and is willing to share his riches with her, provided she share her body with him.

They get married.  In a short amount of time, they have children and grow a family.  The only college debts are those incurred by her husband, which are paid off in a short amount of time because he focuses a lot of his energy into his career while she takes care of the children and maintains the house.

Virginity is a key factor here as well.  Most women who go to college will lose their virginity there.  This is because the environment is designed to unleash female sexuality while limiting male sexuality to only the Alphas.

The problem is, studies have shown that more promiscuous women are more likely to divorce later on in life.  So for a man to have a good chance of not getting a divorce, he would need to marry a younger virgin.

Unfortunately, college robs most men of that opportunity.

And this is where civilization teeters on the edge of the abyss.  For without women having healthy, emotionally stable children, we begin to see dysfunctional families where parents would rather work than raise children.  Where they are dumped into daycare centers to be bullied and abused by other sociopaths until they are sociopaths themselves.

All this done in the name of female empowerment.

Or, as I like to call it, envy.