Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Traitor Congressman Deposed

Yesterday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary race against Dave Brat, a relative unknown.  This means that Eric Cantor will not be returning to Congress after this year’s mid-term election, for those of you outside of the United States (or Americans who are plain stupid).

Eric Cantor lost because he has lost touch with his base.  He seems to have confused his base with Mexicans, many of which cannot vote for him legally and if they could vote, would have voted Democrat.  On top of that, Cantor has always been a big military-industrial complex guy, having wasted millions of tax dollars on projects that were later scrapped.

Besides all that, he proposed a budget plan that did not eliminate the national debt, but increased it to over 20 trillion by 2020.  While the Democrats did not pass a budget during this period, no budget was better than a bad one.

Now, conservative pundits are focusing Dave Brat’s victory on immigration and how Cantor supported immigration reform.  And they are mostly right that this is the single issue that sent people over the deep end.  In most cases, people vote with their gut and, like it or not, most American citizens are tired of poor, dependent collectivists crossing the borders into the country and having their children vote the government into bankruptcy.

Every issue is linked however.  You cannot compartmentalize any political or social issue and assume a victory in one means it is settled.  This is why I believe that ending the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs will go a long way to ending illegal immigration.

They are basically linked.  The Mexican government is far more corrupt than the United States, although lately the United States has been catching up with it’s War on Terror (terror now broadly defined as anyone we don’t like).  The War on Drugs maintains that corruption.  Hell, just legalizing marijuana will eliminating 70% of the drug lord’s revenues.

So in order for real immigration reform to take place, we need to scale back the Federal government.  If Federal government exceeds $1 billion, we’re doing it wrong.  This is because doing that will decrease the likelihood of interference with progress in all sectors of the economy.  It will also allow the Mexicans to prosper as much as they are able because most of the resources won’t be spent on anti-drug lord policies.

I don’t know if Dave Brat will come to the same conclusions as I have.  Few rarely do.  Instead, I think we will see more bills to create more walls and place more armed guards on the border.  Unfortunately, this will not work in the long run because more government intervention only creates more problems.

Still, this is another small victory and one that does not bode well for incumbent Republicans.  For if the American people are upset enough to get rid of Eric Cantor, they may not be voting for establishment Republicans in the general election.