Thursday, May 15, 2014

The String Theory of Evil

Evil perpetuates itself and keeps on damaging the innocent.  This can be seen throughout history.  The ancient Israelites were given a system of laws to mitigate the evil among them.  And if they had not only upheld the law, but enforced justice, I think we might see a very different Middle East today.

But let’s take a smaller look at how evil perpetuates itself and continues to damage and destroy the innocent.

We start with one Charles Harrelson.  He is the father of the popular actor Woody Harrelson.  While Woody Harrelson seems like a decent person, his father was not.  He was a career criminal who committed armed robbery and murder.

In 1968, Charles along with some other people, who we will get to later, murdered a man by the name of Sam Degelia, Jr.  Allegedly, the motive was due to lost heroin.  One of his accomplices to the murder was named Pete Scamardo.  Pete Scamardo was the apparent owner of the heroin that the unfortunate Degelia had lost.

It looks to me that Pete Scamardo had arranged the whole thing and got Charles Harrelson to aid him.  The thing is, both men pretty much got away with the murder.  Harrelson got a mistrial while Scamardo got seven months probation.  For murder.  In Texas.

Harrelson would later get retried and sentenced to 15 years in prison, but would only serve five years and would be granted parole.  He would later go on and murder a Federal judge.  This time, he ended up serving two life sentences, although the facts of who actually murdered the judge were in dispute up until his death in prison.

It is clear that Charles Harrelson was, at best, a hired gun.  He was not the mastermind behind the murders in both cases.

So what about Pete Scamardo?  The mastermind of the first murder only got seven years of probation.  He then moved to Virginia and became involved in real-estate.

But his influence doesn’t end there.  He had a daughter by the name of Dina Scamardo, who herself became a jewelry designer and a very successful one at that.  She married a man by the name of Chris Mackney.  Chris Mackney himself was a somewhat successful real-estate guy as well as far as I can tell.

For whatever reason, the couple divorced.  The divorce proceedings were less than kind to Chris Mackney whose life ended in his suicide on December 29, 2013.  According the Chris’s suicide note that he left behind, he was hounded for child support and alimony payments when it was clear that Dina had the means to take care of the children and herself without Chris.

In a move that would make Joseph Stalin proud, Dina has sued to have her husband’s suicide note taken off the Internet.  Sorry lady, but once something gets put online, you will never, ever get it removed, no matter how many lawyers, judges, and police officers you and your mafia family can bribe.

I don’t know Chris Mackney all that well.  Nor do I know Sam Degelia, Jr.  But I do know that two men are dead as a direct result of the perpetuation of evil.  Pete Scarmardo should be serving a life sentence right now, at the very least for his involvement in the murder of Sam Degelia.

But justice doesn’t get served in this nation.  It only serves to perpetuate the evil of man.  Charles Harrelson only died in prison because he murdered a Federal judge.  When he and Sam Scamardo murdered a mundane, the justice system didn’t give a damn.

But this is just one web of evil and how it perpetuates and damages the lives of those around it.  I am convinced that the truly wicked people on this planet have a close circle.  More than likely, most murders are committed by a very select few people, even less than most people suspect.  I’d argue that in many cases, serial murderers tend to murder more people than can be identified.  And too many of them are probably too smart to be caught.

It’s a weird, wicked world we live in.