Friday, May 16, 2014

Oh Noes, Women Are Paying Alimony!!

The way I see it, women have next to no reason to complain about this.  How many times have men been told to “man up” and pay their alimony and child support to their slutty ex-wives who then proceed to got Las Vegas with their latest boy toy?

Okay, those are probably outliners.  Let’s change it up.  I thought that men and women are equal in the eyes of the law.  If that is true, then why shouldn’t men who make less than their ex-wives get alimony from them?

If women are really disturbed by this growing, but still uncommon, trend, then the way I see it there are a couple of solutions:

  1. Don’t get divorced in the first place.
  2. Completely eliminate alimony and child support entirely.  Instead, all property that the man and woman brought into the marriage is returned to them and whatever was acquired while married is split evenly between them.  Joint custody is granted for the children, unless one party formally agrees to give them up, is missing, or is in prison.

Any other options would be tyrannical and completely unfair to men and women over all.

It is clear that divorce is nothing more than women getting revenge on their future ex-husbands through the cold, hard machinations of the State.  They use it to get as much as they can out of their husbands instead of just finding amicable ways to settle things.

It is because of feminism and the rise of the revenge court system in family courts that men are less likely to get married these days.   Note that I did not say it is because of gay marriage.  It is because of the ass-raping system of divorce that has been established by man-hating women and their ass-licking white knights who believe that all men are the problem.

The truth is, equality is a myth.  The Justice System is not blind and views everyone as within a certain group.  If you are poor and black or Hispanic, you will get a harsher sentence for drug possession as compared to if you are rich and white or Asian.  And if you are a man in a divorce court, you will be ass-raped financially by your wife, regardless of your station in life.

This new trend is heartening though, as it appears that men are fighting back and doing what they need to do to avoid years of misery and suicidal thoughts.  But I doubt it is as widespread as it is portrayed in the video.