Monday, April 14, 2014

The Parable of the Good Muslim

There was an American walking home one night.  As he was traveling, some thugs surrounded him and proceeded to rob and beat him.  He put up a good fight but in the end there were just too many.   Because of his resistance, the thugs spent extra time beating the poor man as he lay there.

They left for dead and he laid there all night.  In the early hours of the morning, a jogger ran by him without giving him a second look.

Likewise, a police officer passed by the man with a slightly disgusted look on his face as he drove his squad car.

But a Muslim man walking just after his morning prayers came upon the man and had compassion on him.  He tore his robe and made some bandages for the more serious injuries and called an ambulance.

He rod with the man as the paramedics got him to the hospital.  While at the hospital, he told the staff that all medical expenses would be covered by him and to not charge the man at all for his hospital stay.

The Muslim came in every day to see how the man was doing as he recovered and made sure that the man’s family was informed of the situation as well as provided some additional support as he slowly recovered.

So tell me, who was this man’s neighbor?