Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Multiculturalism is a sham.  It always has been, always will be.  At best, it is merely a bunch of white elites trying to find redemption with the minority classes they revere so much.  Yet, when it comes down to reality, they can’t even accept that some cultures may have differences that are the exact opposite of their values.

The progressive Left is especially guilty of this conceit.  They like to think of themselves of tolerant of others, no matter where they come from, but have you ever met someone more intolerant than a progressive Leftist?  They literally cannot conceive that there are people who are both sane and disagree with them.

This is why they drove Brendon Eich out of Mozilla.  They could not conceive of a man who has a valid disagreement with their own moral code.  And so they chased him out of a company he helped build.  Indeed, Brendon Eich created (or helped create) Javascript, literally making the modern web page as versatile as it is today.  But his accomplishments do not matter, his own sanity is in question to the Left.

Likewise, when it comes to foreign governments or foreign cultures, they cannot abide by unacceptable standards in other cultures as well.  One of their twisted standards is that women do not get to reap the consequences of their bad choices.  Take this recent article on women in Tunisia where women there are forced to cover up the fact that they are not virgins to their spouses due to societal pressures.

But we can’t have that, can we?  Leftists need women to be treated like the goddesses they are and to allow them the freedom to do whatever they want without accepting the consequences of their actions.  This is one of the core values of the progressive Left.

So when one of these core values conflicts with a cultural value of a completely different nation and culture, they throw fits.  They write nasty articles or sob stories about it.  They cut funding.  They get people to resign.  In some cases, violence is used, although this is usually under the guise of the legal use of force from the State.

Back to multiculturalism.  It is the idea that our nation can have many different cultures living together in unity and harmony.  In reality, it is just smokescreen for winning power over the majority group in this country.  The best way to get rid of the majority is to get all the minority groups together and outvote the majority.  This is best done by massive immigration, fast-tracks to citizenship, and calling people racist if they disagree.

The people at the top are not idiots.  They do not care about the common person, be they white, Hispanic, Asian, or (especially if they’re) black.  Male or female, they don’t care, so long as you give them more and more power.  Multiculturalism is nothing more than a power game being played by the progressive Left.

The United States already had multiple cultures before the influx of immigrates.  The differences between a Virginian and a New Yorker were as different as an American and a Chinese man.  The Secession War (or the ‘Civil’ War for you history revisionists) was all about a clash of cultures.  And in some of these foreign cultures, which we are importing now, we see actual wars being waged between two people whose only difference is really just what tribe they were born into.

I remember a poster I saw in my High School building as I was standing in line to graduate.  It read “Unity Through Diversity”.  It was very quaint but I asked cute teacher (she was maybe 5-10 years older than me at the time) how that was possible?  Both concepts are contradictions and they do not go together.  Diversity does not create unity, it creates chaos, which is not always a bad thing.  She just stared blankly at the poster and then escorted us out to the ceremony.

This is the problem with multiculturalism: it doesn’t work.  The best way for it to work is for each community to establish themselves within their own sphere.  Even in big cities like New York we see this happening.  There is nothing wrong with it.  It is more about preserving the peace and working together.  The progressive Left, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with such notions and instead seeks to disrupt things because these are people who should be like them.

You know, empty, irritable, and malicious.