Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Too Long For Twitter

There should be an entry for “None of the Above” in every election that is held.  Unfortunately, it will not mean anything unless voting for that entry means nobody will fill the role for which they are running.

I still wonder how Dick Chaney got that donor heart.  Usually when you get that old, they tell you sorry about your shitty heart, but we have younger, better people to give them to.  Of course, nobody really asks that question, not even the Left.

I still wonder how Dick Chaney survived the heart transplant surgery in Fairfax Hospital.  My experience with that place is that it is a human chop shop full of inefficiencies and worthless bureaucracy.  A friend of mine quit working there after a week due to the corruptive practices in administration.  Maybe because he was rich, people decided to step up their game.

Am I getting wiser or do most talk radio show hosts sound like morons?  I mean, I used to listen to several, but after a while, they got repetitive and it was clear that they were towing the Republican party line.  There are few honest ones left these days.

Tuesdays are the hardest days of the workweek.  I know I shouldn’t live for the weekends, but I just can’t help it.  I am glad to live in an age where I only have to work 40 hours a week.  I don’t think I could do more than that staring at a screen.

To understand how the government really works, just simply ask yourself which company will benefit most from which legislation.  Here’s a hint: liberty is the last thing anyone in power wants.

So if someone is a 9/11 truther, does that mean that everyone else who doesn’t buy into the official government narrative a 9/11 liar?

The government is always lying.  It does not matter if they are reporting on the economy, a foreign war, or even the weather.  They are always lying because that is their default behavior.  The first thing they think about when confronted with a fact is “How can I cover this up or spin it to my advantage?”

President Obama is a puppet.  He is the scapegoat used by a conspiracy of handlers, some in the government, some outside, who wish to deflect any problems away from them.  I don’t know who exactly they are, but I have my suspicions.

The Elite 85 are not like regular rich people.  The gap between ultra-rich and rich is even larger than the gap between rich and poor.  For one thing, many rich people are just regular tradesmen who managed to be somewhat successful in their trade.  The ultra rich are people who have been extremely successful in manipulating the governments of the world for profit.  At our expense.

The world sucks.  There is no human power that will change that nor will their ever be.  This is why it is foolish to follow the Utopian dreams of anarchists, anarcho-capitalists, communists, Objectivists, conservatives, libertarians, progressives, and neo-conservatives.  None of them offer real solutions as none of them address the real human condition.  Anarcho-capitalism is worth a try though, given all the others had their chance in some form or another.