Friday, February 14, 2014

Support Your Rebellious Wife

Dalrock highlighted an interesting post on Yahoo answers today:

We have been to counseling and he stopped going. He refuses to go back. He has an attitude most of the time. He complains and talks about me behind my back. He says things to me like what's his is his and I don't have anything he has the job. I take care of the kids, and later says he's kidding. I'm not on the bank account. He only talks to his family and friends on the phone when I'm not around. He never wants to go out with me. When I make plans with friends they always get ruined. Because he can't watch the kids. Twice this year already on my birthday and on Sunday. We never do anything I want to do. If I bring anything up, he blows me off. When I try talking to him his response is, whatever! His sister takes screen shots from my fb wall and text them to him, and they talk about me. He looks at girls in front of me, than claim he doesn't know he's doing it. He smiled and winked at our female realtor. Claims he didn't know he did. Advice? I'm now beyond that breaking point.

Some women are bitches.  The Internet seems to indicate that there are more of them than there are emotionally stable ones.  Given the overall insanity of her posts, I would argue that her problems with her husband stem entirely from her inability to control him.

Remember, women are cursed with being dominated by men but desiring to rule over them.  In this case, she is being dominated by him to a degree, but she is unhappy with her current station in life.  She gives zero context to many of the events described, which makes it hard to tell whether she is spotting nonsense or telling the truth.

The sad part is, most of the comments encourage her to divorce him.  Only Dalrock himself writes a lengthy comment highlighting the consequences of divorcing him.

But the general consensus among people is that so long as the wife isn’t happy, then she should divorce him.  That is what it comes down to.

This woman is a rebellious wife, pure and simple.  For all we know, her husband does what he does because he needs to keep her more negative flaws in check.  He may be a controlling man, but why does she want access to the bank account, other than to make large purchases that he wouldn’t approve of.  I can tell you that when my wife did that, I made her take the stuff back.  On a side note, my wife does have access to our bank account, but I believe that every situation is different.

I was disgusted with this post and I really do believe that there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye.  Meanwhile, there are a slew of anonymous commentators, some claiming to be therapists themselves, willing to let her destroy her family in order to fulfill her own selfish desires.

This country will not get better until we undo this kind of thinking.  And while there is a backlash in the form of the manosphere, among other things, I do not see it happening anytime soon.