Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stupid Lemons

Americans are pussies.

By and large, they are wussies who cannot cope when things don’t go their way.  Civilization has not made us better people, it has made us snobs.

And we’re angry.  We are angry when things don’t work out the way we want.

I wanted to have a child four years ago.  I wanted my grandfathers to live long enough to see him or her.  But my father’s father succumbed to colon cancer the same week my wife had her first miscarriage.  My other grandfather died shortly after my son was born.  He did see pictures of him on his deathbed, though.

I want to have a house fully paid for, with no debt on my name to anyone.  So far, I’m stuck in a condo that I am renting.  I suppose that could be worse, but I want a house.  Yet, the housing market bubble continues on and there is not a damn thing I can do about it.

I’m going to want to go to the gym tomorrow morning, but the snow will probably prevent me from leaving my condo.

I want Skyrim to work perfectly with all the mods I’ve installed on it.  Still not there.

I want so much more, yet I will probably never get it.

But I don’t get angry.  I don’t despair.  It is not because of some spiritual faith that I have or that I have delusions that things will get better (you know, hope).  It is because there is no use in fussing over things that are beyond my control.

I have to look at my life and adapt accordingly.  I am a highly adaptable person.  I’ve traveled to third-world countries and managed to not be bothered by their strange customs or behaviors.

I once was asked by a couple of Jehovah’s witnesses (or Mormons, I couldn’t tell) if I wanted to be happy.  I looked at the two young, hot girls and said that I don’t really desire happiness.  I was being totally honest with them.  To me, happiness is an emotion that comes and goes with the events of life.  It’s a great feeling, but one that I cannot count on.

All around the country, we see Americans taking advantage of others and getting bitchy when things don’t go their way.  From taxation to cut welfare benefits to restaurants out of chicken nuggets to snowstorms, it seems that most Americans are just bat-shit crazy at the prospect of unhappiness.  It is no wonder too, as so many Americans are on anti-depressants, which are just legalized versions of cocaine and marijuana.

Here’s how you deal with unpleasant emotions: embrace them.  Understand that they are part of life, perhaps the only reliable part, and let them go.  Like the phases of the moon, life will be upsetting and life will be fun.  But it will never be one way or the other for very long.  No matter what your lot in life is, you can find ways to be content.

The greatest thing in life is to eat, drink, and find enjoyment in your work.  Everything else is just a chasing after the wind.