Friday, January 17, 2014

Bad Advice From Biblical Women

The biggest folly of man in the Bible is listening to women.  Well, not the biggest, but certainly in the top 10 failings of men.

Take for instance Adam who without any hesitation accepted the fruit from Eve and ate it.  Instead of kicking the serpent's ass and throwing it out of the garden, he let his wife give in to envy and by his own pride damned all of humanity.

Then we come to Sarai who was barren.  So she urges her husband Abram to father a child by her maidservant Hagar.  Abram, who should have trusted in God, instead listened to his wife.  Later when Hagar had become pregnant, Sarai decided that her maidservant should be sent away.  And Abram listened to her.  Good thing God had more compassion.

Samson, despite knowing the danger that was posed to him, told Delilah the secret of strength.  This was after lying to her about it twice and on both times being “randomly” attacked by his enemies.  Still, she cried and bitched at him about how he hates her or some such nonsense, and he finally gave in.  He should have sent her to the curb after the first attempt on his life and then killed her whole family for good measure (savage times).

And then we have King Solomon who ended his life as a fool because he listened to his wives and concubines and began to worship false gods.  And thus he created a broken kingdom in what was once a great and prosperous nation.

King Ahab would often listen to his wife, Jezebel, instead of listening to the prophets of God.  Often times she would murder and steal from his own subjects while Ahab himself did nothing to reign in her wickedness and thus brought her guilt upon himself.

These are just the few examples I can think of off the top of my head.  I think the moral of the story is to never accept a woman’s advice when you know it is contrary to God’s Word.  If you feel even a tinge of doubt about what she is saying, then you need to flee from it.