Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Saving Marriage

Marriage has been a cornerstone of civilization.  Just about everyone who takes it seriously will argue this as modern civilization could not have come about without monogamous, different sex marriage.

This is easily provable as such a setup allows for many more children to be born than would otherwise have been possible.  Children are, after all, the future and the more potential laborers running around, the better off the future will be for a society.

With gay “marriage” and polygamy being rapidly legalized (I personally have no problem with polygyny), many are arguing that this is signifying the downfall of civilization.  Yet for all their hand-wringing, these social conservatives fail to see the inherent problems that has led us to that situation.

I have some solutions to this problem.  They aren’t pretty and they will never, ever be implemented until our civilization has thoroughly collapsed, but here they are:

  • Look down upon a married couple who both works while shuffling their children to daycare.  I don’t know if there has been a study done but I suspect that a two career household yields less children, is more likely to divorce, and more likely to be dysfunctional.  I know this is difficult, but perhaps we should all lower our standards of living in order to meet this expectation.
  • Reinstate the Biblical command that wives should submit to their husbands.  When women are in charge, they are not happy with their marriage.  It has been scientifically proven.  So in order to increase the happiness of both husband and wife, the wife should respect and submit to her husband.
  • Eliminate the 30-year mortgage and only allow a 15-year mortgage.  The problem is that with all these long-term mortgages, it only serves to raise home prices.  Also, require a 20% down payment.  As such, it is nearly impossible for young families to get a home without being a total debt slave for the majority of their life.
  • Outlaw all weddings that cost more than 2% of the bride’s parent’s income.  Pastors should take charge on this and make sure that in no uncertain terms will his church be turned into a temple for idolatry (the bride).
  • All child custody cases should be based on the income of the spouse.  Whoever makes more money get primary custody of the children.  Child support payments should be outlawed.
  • Alimony should only be granted when one spouse does not work and only for a term of no longer than one year, provided the spouse getting the alimony did not initiate the divorce.  This insures that no one sees divorce as a means to making money off of the productivity of their spouse.
  • Finally, divorce should be outlawed for women.  What I mean is that women should not be permitted to divorce their husbands, no matter what.  Since wives are the ones who initiate divorce, most of the time, then it is only logical in order to prevent women from nuking their families due to a bad case of feel bad.

All of these things are a fantasy.  Nobody is going to implement them as any kind of policy because they will be labeled misogynist as a result.  This is because, not looking like an asshole is more important than saving the future of your children in this day and age.